October 19, 2019 Ronny Cox 8:00 p.m. $20

picture of Ronny Cox

Ronny Cox’s Wikipedia entry describes him as an actor, singer-songwriter and storyteller, but as far as he’s concerned, it’s the other way around. “Storyteller” definitely comes first. That becomes evident as soon as he starts reeling off bits of his history, delivering one fascinating anecdote after another about his music career, his myriad stage and screen roles, and even his lengthy marriage to his high-school sweetheart, the only girlfriend he ever had.

In concert, using nothing more than the power of his projected words, Ronny captivates listeners with all kinds of stories. Some are spoken; some are sung. But either way, he’s employing that age-old art form to forge connections he says he can’t as an actor. Ronny is often recognized for appearances in Deliverance, RoboCop, Beverly Hills Cop, Dexter, St. Elsewhere, and recently in Nashville’s final season. 

A recent achievement: of note: Ronny received an inaugural-year Roundglass Music Award, given to artists creating “socially responsible music for wellness, environmental consciousness and peace.” He won in the Best American Roots Song category for “Bus to Baltimore,” about Alzheimer’s disease. Among his fellow winners was Ringo Starr.

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