Under the Linden Tree
Celebrating 20 Years of Folk Music

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Many thanks to our contributing performers.  Although not an exclusive list, all of these folks have graced the LTC stage more than once – a sure sign of being a Linden Tree favorite. Our regular audience will recognize everyone.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of attending a Linden Tree concert, take this home and enjoy these recordings from our 20th season!


Track List

1.  Hometown Boy – 3:55
Jack Williams2.  Beat of the Heart – 4:07
Diane Taraz3.  Sneakin’ in the Back Door – 4:02
Late Bloomers

4.  Tick Tock Word – 3:28
Janet Feld

5.  Yankee Clipper Sails Again – 4:17
Barbara Phaneuf

6.  Sandstone Cathedrals – 1:57
  Bill Staines

7.  Maggie May – 4:13
Blunt Instruments

8.  Beans & Crawdads – 2:26
Late Bloomers

9.  Indian Neck – 1:52
Rick Lee

10. Sunday in Paradise
Curt Bessette11. Angels – 4:20
Chuck Hall12. Banks of the Sacramento – 3:38
Gail Rundlette

13. Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down – 4:26
Claudia Russell

14. Caroline’s in Carolina – 3:02
Southern Rail

15. Holy Land – 4:08
Les Sampou

16. Ol’ Pen – 3:18
Bill Staines

17. West Fork Gals/Ragtime Annie – 3:50
Blunt Instruments

Liner Notes

This CD came out of a desire to celebrate twenty years of folk music at the Linden Tree Coffeehouse in Wakefield, MA. According to Blunt Instrument member, Bill Knott,the coffehouse was started in September, 1985. After the founder, Bob McSweeney, moved away, booking went to Paul Harty and Bill Knott took over volunteer recruitment. As Bill tells it:

“Not being cut out as managers, Paul and I were struggling to keep the LTC afloat. Fortunately, shortly thereafter Liz Freeman showed up. Her booking talents and organizational skills saved our sinking ship. Ed Britt was the LTC’s amazing sound system guru/procurer beginning with the second show in October 1985. Due to Ed’s expertise with sound, the LTC gained a reputation among performers as a great place to play.”

A sound check performance by Bill inspired Ed to ask him to get together for a jam, along with Ed’s friend, Jim Bradley. They were soon asked to play at the LTC, opening for Gail Rundlett in January 1986. A fourth member was unavailable that night and Paul Harty stepped in. The group was unnamed until Jim Bradley started referring to themselves as the Blunt Instruments – and so they remain.

You will hear this nowhere else…

Despite their enormous talent, their recordings remain undistributed, so I invite you all to enjoy a long time treasure of the LTC, our house band, The Blunt Instruments, here and only here. Gail Rundlett, the earliest LTC performer to be included, recorded the traditional tune, “Sacramento”, purposely for this CD. And finally, Claudia Russell was surprised to learn that instead of the studio version of “Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down,” her husband had sent me a wonderful live version, collected from a promotional tour they had done.

This CD is full of the amazing talent that has made the LTC a premier venue for folk music, but it is by no means all-inclusive. To those we could not include I extend my personal apologies.

Volunteers make the world go round –

and the LTC flourish. Wendy Dennis, Dick Simmons, Carol Roberts, and Eric Reed have all gone above and beyond the call of duty over the years and deserve special recognition. Our perennial soundman, Ed Britt, still keeps artists and audiences dazzled after all these years. Most of all, this CD is dedicated to Liz Freeman who has done the lion’s share of booking and organizing for the better part of over 13 years now – it would not have happened without you!

Deborah Feinn   September, 2004


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