November 7, 2015 Tim Grimm Band, with Fishken & Groves opening 8:00 p.m. $20

tim Grimm photoTim Grimm is a portrait painter with his words and music.  Currently the actor/singer-songwriter’s song THE LAKE is one featured in Robert Redford’s movie A Walk in the Woods. His band mates add texture and beauty to his music that twists and turns and is full of mystery.

 “One of the best storytelling songwriters in Ameriica.” Rootsville, Belgium.

Tim Grimm is also a storyteller, up there with the likes of Crowell, Earle and Jackson Browne. He sings of families being lost, the loss of rural America, returnees from Basra, slaves escaping a horrendous life, floods, yearning, anguish and the reason why people faced with such adversity carry on whilst being totally empathetic toward their plight or feelings. He also brings in other music genres within the Americana field like some Appalachian on “Or Bust.” Bit like Woody Guthrie.
A bit of a Renaissance man, Tim has blended his love for songwriting, travel, and the storytelling of acting in theatre, film, and television. His most recent recording, The Turning Point, produced the #1 song on Folk radio in 2014—King of the Folksingers

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