March 6, 2021: Canada’s James Keelaghan 7:30 on Facebook and YouTube

The Linden Tree Coffeehouse is excited to continue its 36th season of monthly acoustic folk music even during the Pandemic.  For March we are able to bring to our folk community another great  live concert with Canadian James Keelaghan via the internet on Saturday, March 6 at 7:30 pm.   

To watch via Facebook:

To watch via YouTube:

Called Canada’s finest singer-songwriter by one of the most respected and lauded music journalists of the last 50 years, James Keelaghan is an artist who has proven to be a man for all seasons.

As the calendar pages have turned, for almost a quarter of a century now, this poet laureate of the folk and roots music world has gone about his work with a combination of passion, intent and intensity, and curiosity.

Fusing his insatiable appetite for finding the next unique storyline Keelaghan also forges his pieces with brilliantly defined craftsmanship and a monogrammed artistic vision, making him one of the most distinctive and readily identifiable voices of not only the Canadian scene, but as a member of the international singer-songwriter community.

Armed with a songbook that has enlightened and enthralled, and been embraced, by audiences around the world, Keelaghan’s life as an artist is one that is a perpetual journey on so many levels.

Keelaghan’s aces have long been a love of language, and history, as he earned a history  degree years ago, his skills as a thespian that he acquired at an early age, that explain his ability to make an immediate connection with audiences in a live setting, and an ear for a memorable melody, and harmonies that make those melodies glisten.

“I’m good for 80 or so books a year, mostly history, non-fiction, but inspiration can come in many forms, I’m always on the lookout for a good story or idea. My sister told me the story that became Kiri’s Piano. It was such an image,” says Keelaghan that visits a dark chapter in Canadian history, Japanese interment camps in the Second World War.â’¨ â’¨Not only does his deep catalogue include timeless originals like Fires of Calais, Cold Missouri Waters, Jenny Bryce, Hillcrest Mine, and Kiri’s Piano.  Keelaghan is also a possessive interpreter of outside material, a fine example being his gripping take on Gordon Lightfoot’s epic Canadian Railroad Trilogy on the Lighfoot Tribute disc Beautiful.

It was Dave Marsh, the award-winning American music critic and historian who not so long ago stated that James Keelaghan is “Canada’s finest songwriter,” and those few but powerful words of praise say it all about an artist who continues to set the bar at a lofty height.  Besides old favorites, James will be presenting some of his newer not yet recorded songs written in recent years.

Although there is no set fee for the show,  streaming concerts have been the means for the performer to pay their bills since they have not been able to tour. Suggested donations to their Pay Pal tip jars are what you can afford, recommended $10 to $20. Those who prefer to send a check, can mail to Linden Tree Coffeehouse, 8 Dexter Lane, Wakefield, MA 01880.

Thanks to the Mass Cultural Council, Wakefield Chapter and the Ivy Chord Coffeehouse in Reading for additional concert support.

For more information:   781 246-2836 or

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